Prague Organisation of Wheelchair Users, civic association



Prague Organisation of Wheelchair Users (POV) is an association of persons with limited ability to move, their families and friends. Founded in 1991, POV focuses on wide range of activities, which can be basically divided into three groups:

  1. through conceptual work it aims to improve legislative conditions or public awareness, thus helping to remove the barriers in architecture, transport or at work;
  2. counselling serves to help people in difficult situations and
  3. variousservices provided by POV present solutions to specific handicap-related inconveniences.

POV initiated the uniform accessibility mapping methodology in the Czech Republic. Result of this project is a database containing information on parameters of the mapped building and its accessibility rating. The database is available on the internet web pages www.presbariery.cz


The internet websites of Prague Organisation of Wheelchair Users offer information on accessibility of public buildings, transport and parks in Prague. The related data are verified by field mapping. Description of each item comprises information on the entrance, interior, lift and lavatory. The text part is accompanied by pictograms and illustrative photos. The web pages, further on, offer information on printed publications or news related to architectural barriers or thematic conferences, workshops and official proceedings.